Wednesday, 3 July 2013

The Book is Live!

So this is pretty much the biggest day of my life thus far (with the obvious exception of the wedding day if my better half is reading this). Today my debut novel, 'The Pursuit of Emma', went live on the kindle store! 

Due to technical difficulties, you cannot search by title or author until the weekend but you can find it by visiting:


Even if you don't have a kindle you can get it to read on any laptop, ipad or smart phone. It's only £1.53!!

I am deliriously happy to have got this far which seems an achievement in itself but I really need your help. Please, please, please the book, buy it again, review it (preferably nicely!), tell everyone you know and make them do the same. If I can move it up in the charts I have a chance of being an author (proper)! 

I am really proud of it and hope you all like it to. 

It's the perfect summer book...if I say so myself! Enjoy!

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