Sunday, 23 June 2013

Now I'm not usually a fan of...

...reality TV, with the exception of Strictly Come Dancing (yeah I know...just deal with it!) but I would openly admit enjoy series 2 of the Voice Uk. 

What is more surprising to me is the fact that I managed to enjoy it despite the obvious flaws in the show. Not only do the contestants have to jump through such ludicrous hoops but the way the show is set up means one from each judge goes through - not the best 4 singers. When did it become a competition between the judges and not the singers. Chasing ratings officially sucks! 

However the best thing about the show is the talent it attracts. Any act that makes it through to the first round would destroy 99% of the 'talent' found on BGT or the X-Factor. So many singers were incredible ...Joseph, Matt, Mike, Ash, Leah, Sean ...the list goes on. And of course a huge well done to Andrea - a worthy winner. 

So despite the problems, well done for an enjoyable series...let's just hope that the winner gets a career or at least a top 100 album this time! Otherwise who would go on the voice series 3? 

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  1. Haha - lame! Not really, it's great when you get to hear people who can really sing perform. Watching anyone do something well is really enjoyable.

    I hate it about the judges - it's why I've given up watching those sort of shows as they seem to be all about the personality of the judges and making a name for themselves rather than nurturing raw talent. Shame xx