Monday, 24 June 2013

The thing about Andy...

I am slightly worried that this will come across worse than I want it to. After watching the documentary on Andy Murray and am developing what can only be described as a non-sexual man crush on the man. 

This crush is not without justification either. I am not jumping on the trendy bandwagon now he has won a major and the British people actually love him. I have been obsessively following him since he won the US open juniors. As an ex-tennis coach I have 1% of an idea of how hard he has worked. 

Physically he is a beast!

The Dream Gold and silver medal Sunday win happened to fall on my birthday and what a gift that was. 

And of course his heroics in New York last year to end our wait for a grand slam winner was a moment I will remember forever. 

Now he just needs to win Wimbledon this year and I can build a shrine/10-foot statue of the man. 

What a legend!

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  1. I must admit - since watching him play against Nadal I'm a big fan of his as well. He's really growing up into a fantastic sportsman. xx