Monday, 24 June 2013

There may be a theme growing here...

I have no intention of turning this into a sports blog. Furthermore, I have no intention of becoming a sports writer. However this blog is going to follow on from yesterday's and I have no doubt for the next 2 weeks that they may often follow a similar theme. Because this is a special fortnight!

It's Wimbledon time and I for one am buzzing about it. After one day we have already seen enough drama to satisfy an eastenders fan. Nadal out, Murray through and Hewitt forgetting he is no longer number 1. 

Whilst the other Britons struggled and fell at the wayside, Murray looked as confident as he did a week ago at Queens. With Nadal gone who can stop him? Fed? Maybe but I doubt it. Djok? Possibly but to do that he would have to make the final.

Although it can all change, as of 21:58 on the first Monday of Wimbledon things are looking good for Andy. Long may that last. 

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